Write for Turnsole

Submissions now open; closing 16th January 2022.

We seek poems that turn with the sun – that encounter nature in its many guises: wild and tame; familiar and unknown; benevolent and menacing. 

We want the book to become a site for rewilding; for words to roam freely and images to haunt the margins like the strange and marvellous creatures that lived in the pages of works from many moons ago.

To do this, we need your poems.

Send 1-3 poems as attachments, with your full name in the subject line to our email address below.

Writing for Turnsole is a paid opportunity: 40% of takings from sales will be paid back to the printed poets in royalties. Of the remainder, 10% will be paid to an environmentalist charity (yet to be nominated, rotating with each issue) and 50% will go back into the Turnsole project, covering fees for designers, printing, promotion etc.