Turnsole Press

A new press, soon to be publishing our first poetry anthology in print.

We seek poems that turn with the sun – that encounter nature in its many guises: wild and tame; familiar and unknown; benevolent and menacing.

Turnsole: a Mediterranean plant of the spurge family, whose flowers are said to turn with the sun.

Turnsole was used by medieval illuminators as a dyestuff. It became integral to the process of colouring manuscripts and books but fell out of use in the sixteenth century.

Volume One

Each copy will be illuminated by a team of artists with a passion for early books.

We want the book to become a site for rewilding; for words to roam freely and images to haunt the margins like the strange and marvellous creatures that lived in the pages of works from many moons ago.

Write for Turnsole

We are seeking an eclectic and varied range of poetry to reflect the wildness of this anthology (flowers of verse).